Thursday, October 01, 2009

A treefrog... and a brief explanation

This little fellow, about an inch long, is crawling around in the rain on the window in my computer room. I love the way tree frogs have little suction-cups on their toes.

I closed comments for myself, no other reason; I found myself worrying way too much about them... wondering why nobody comments, wondering why the same three wonderful ladies always comment (thanks, pals). That's it, pure and simple. Some day if I really feel brave, I'll take my Sitemeter off, although I'm pretty addicted to watching my traffic go up and down. I like seeing the Google searches that lead folks here. After all, that's how I found out about Swagbucks. Lately I've been using my Swagbucks to download music (free) from Itunes.

You'll know I've finally developed a backbone when you see me remove my Sitemeter.