Saturday, October 10, 2009

When the cat’s away, the mouse eats differently

Cliff and his sister went to Kansas to visit their brother. I opted to stay home because the men all go out to the shop and work on stuff, and I’m left in the house, bored silly.

With Cliff here, I try to keep things nutritious and balanced. I aim to serve plenty of vegetables and cook things that look colorful on the plate.

When Cliff isn’t here, I revert back to the eating habits of my youth… strange habits indeed. For instance, here’s my total intake for yesterday: I ate oatmeal with Cliff before he left. Later I ate my daily apple. Lunch was two Nathan’s hot dogs. Mid-afternoon I brought in a nice big turnip, peeled, sliced, and cooked it, and had creamed turnips. I’d forgotten how good fall turnips are, sweet and tender. Supper was popcorn.

Today, because there was some leftover corn bread, I had corn bread broken up and soaked in milk for breakfast. It’s noon, and I’m still full.


When I get hungry again, I’m fixing these two turnips for myself, because one wasn’t enough yesterday. Cliff hates turnips.

I’ve already decided what I’ll make when my husband comes home tomorrow: Tuna-noodle casserole! It’s one of my favorite cool-weather comfort foods.

Speaking of food, I'll soon be taking the pancake/waffle survey. Final results: 21 votes for pancakes, 24 for waffles, 8 no preference, and 1 peculiar character who hates them both. I'd like that person to tell us who he or she is; I don't think I ever met a person who hated pancakes and waffles!


  1. So Dad's gone? That explains it. I stopped by to see if you wanted to go to B.S. Called your cell, it rang beside me. Tried Dad's, straight to voicemail. You must've been walking, because Sadie wasn't in the house, either. Enjoy the feasting! Natalie and I are doing the same, while Monica feasts at Alisha's house.

  2. I also eat different when Ken is not here. I love turnips also but he doesn't like them. I cooked a ruttabega the other day. Surprised me, he liked it. Said he had never ate one before. I need to get another one. My choice was pancakes on your list. Helen

  3. The person who doesn't like waffles or pancakes must have a fever. I had salmon one day last week when John was gone because the last time he told me to never cook salmon in his house again. I burned good smelling candles before he got home.

  4. I ate alot different before my husband and I met. He is a cook dinner type. I cooked once in a while. Dinner for us was usually something quick and easy! I missed the survey but its waffles for me! Belgian especially!

  5. When the Hubs is out of town I usually eat cereal or french toast for supper. Sometimes popcorn too. For lunch it might be crackers and peanut butter with a mug of hot chocolate. The Hubs would never eat this stuff so I indulge when I get a chance!

  6. I was a no preference....

    I'll take either and I'm not picky.

    Wow, just looking at your weather on your's 35 there. Keep warm.

    Sometimes it is kind of fun to just feed yourself but I wouldn't want to have to do that all the time. Like having family around. lol

  7. Lindie9:36 AM

    I don't eat either but that's because I can't eat sweets. Doesn't matter since I don't crave them. Your reader who just tried rutabagas should go to Paula Deen's site and get her recipe for Tugboat Turnips! It's really rutabagas. I never ate turnips until a friend gave me some raw and loved them!

  8. I'm one of the 8 who likes them both the same.


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