Saturday, July 31, 2021

I'm just being honest here

I hate for people to have to visit my blog and see all that negative stuff about dentistry, although I will leave you with a link that has to do with that subject, and then I'll say no more about it.  I found this item, which tells me I did well to get out of that place. 

I have a confession to make; I have been depressed lately, and I think it's getting worse instead of better.  I have a feeling both politics and the pandemic are contributing to this terrible cloud of gloom and doom that hangs over my head.  I've learned a lot about myself during the past couple of years, and a lot about people in general, too; and very little about myself or others seems good.  

It bothers me that two political parties can't come together and compromise.  It bothers me when an individual can't accept that some of their beliefs might be wrong... as though everything about their philosophy is perfect because they are the only ones who know the right way.  That causes me to be all the more confused about my stance on things, so that I have no place to turn except God.  My daily Bible reading took me to Romans, a letter the apostle Paul wrote to the Church in Rome.  Chapter 14, to be specific.  Here are some of the things I read in the New Living Translation:

"Accept other believers who are weak in the faith, and don't argue with them about what they think is right and wrong."                             "God has accepted them.  Who are you to condemn someone else's servants?"                                                                                             "So why do you condemn another believer?"                                  "The kingdom of God is not a matter of what we eat or drink, but of living a life full of goodness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit."

And yet, we have all these denominations, many of them insisting they are the only ones with the truth.  Heaven forbid they compromise in any way.  It's all about their precious rights, I guess.

Maybe that's one of the reasons why Church attendance keeps dropping.

No wonder I'm depressed.  Sorry about the preaching, but that's what is on my mind.  


Thursday, July 29, 2021

There are crooked dentists around

I made an appointment to go to the White Oak Dental Group in Blue Springs today.  I want to get my teeth pulled and get dentures.  So far, dentists have wanteds to do implants and all sorts of other expensive things I can't afford, and they refuse to pull my teeth; I had decided to let them rot to the point that they'd HAVE to pull them, but I chickened out on that idea recently.  I chose this dental group because we have a little bit of dental insurance on our Medicare Advantage plan ($1,000 yearly) and they are one of the places listed where I can use that insurance.  

Today I went in at 9 AM for my appointment to get the free exam my insurance pays for me because I knew I would need the Xrays if I was going to get teeth pulled anywhere.  The funny thing is, this dentist did not try to talk me out of it like all the others.  After getting my Xrays, she left me sitting in a chair alone for an hour at one point and finally returned apologizing for the wait, but said it was because a lot of people had come in suddenly.  Seemed strange, but I said nothing.  Then the very young lady dentist said she was measuring my mouth for my dentures.  Really?  So soon?  This took another hour or so.  She had told me all my teeth would be pulled at once, and I would have temporary dentures immediately put in while my mouth healed for six months.  Then I'd get my permanent set of dentures.  I told her to forget the temporary ones, I'd go toothless for six months to save money, but she said, "Oh no, you need them for your gums to heal properly."

I have lots of relatives with false teeth; none of them required temporary dentures, so I knew this was a lie and began to plan my escape.

Something was rotten in Denmark, and it wasn't my breath.  They were ready to take impressions, but I told them not now, because I wanted to talk to my husband first; I knew I had been hornswoggled, and after talking to Cliff in the car, he agreed, so we came home.  Oh, they sent a printout telling what all this would cost:  $7,000.  

Back at home, Cliff told me to call a real dentist, so I called the one in Odessa that he uses, who is also on our insurance.  He will probably give me the old "Oh, your teeth are too good," but I'm starting with him and will search until a reputable dentist will pull my teeth.  

Too late, I decided to look at White Oak Dental's reviews:  There are many, many good reviews, but the bad ones were downright scary:  Below are the awful ones, and I can relate to all of them. 

They are super nice and friendly as long as you agree to their outrageous treatments and prices. Tell them no & they instantly ignore you and become very nasty. It’s a Jekyll & Hyde situation. Forewarning: they will almost always tell you that you have periodontal disease and refuse to do a routine cleaning until you do the deep cleaning with their hygienist. The entire staff is very young and left to do expensive treatments on their own, causing mess ups. Make sure you get a second opinion before agreeing to any services here! Saved me $20,000 and a lot of unnecessary work! My new dentist could NOT believe what they were trying to say I needed done. As another reviewer stated, it’s definitely a car salesman type experience.


It's a combination of used car sales and dentistry.  You give them money, they put you in a chair (the test drive), while you are in the chair the sales and finance people come in to sell you.  They try and get more money.  They use the typical, subdued pressure tactics to up-sell.  If you don't cave you will notice someone must have missed out on a commission.  Have no fear, they will get more money by billing ridiculous amounts to insurance.  And if insurance doesn't pay you will.  Seriously, the worst dental experience ever and I was in the military.


NO STARS if I could.  WARNING do not ENTER: RUN!!! Appointment was at 8am left at 12:30 for a cavity filled and a tooth pulled.  A lot of younger kids work here.  They are young and do not take the business serious.  A lot of side conversation with staff and looking at their phones.  Talking about parties and what they drank WHILE WORKING on my teeth. My cavity has to be fixed by FOSTER dental due to the terrible work done.  I was there last week.  They are fresh out of UMKC.  I WARNED YOU!


Dentist didn't care that I didn't have money to get what I needed taken care of.  She told me she would not re-cement my crown on.  She said that what cement she would use I could get at the drug store.  At the end of May I will have the money to get crown taken care of and I won't be going to White Oak that's for sure.  Stay away for this dentist office they don't care about you!


I paid everything in full. Over 500 dollars and my insurance paid even more. 4 weeks later I get a bill in the mail stating I owe more money these people are liars. DO NOT GO HERE EVER


I give one star because they tried telling my husband he has gingivitis and needed a $3,000-$5,000 procedure. We both thought this was insane. He had a check up today with a new dentist. As we knew, his teeth and gums are absolutely fine and the new dentist was appalled at what this practice wrote about his dental health in his record.

I am writing this to try and keep others from having to pay an enormous price for a completely unnecessary reason.


If you like crooks who overcharge you and then won't refund your money in the full amount that they owe you, then this is the place for you. After I received my EOB from my insurance company, I had noticed that they overcharged me. When I contacted them to discuss this, the office manager said he didn't know what I was talking about, even after he admitted that my insurance had paid out more than they expected, he still didn't understand how I was owed a refund. I then contacted my insurance company to do an investigation and it was found that they had indeed overcharged me by around $500. That's alot of money to claim to not owe the patient. Insurance said the dental office should mail me a check directly and if not to contact them. So I called White Oak to confirm that a refund check was being sent out and the rude unprofessional office manager tried to tell me the amount owed was less and no check was being sent out yet, so I then had to argue about that.  These people are either shady or just stupid, not sure which. But I don't recommend going here unless you like dishonest and rude people who take unnecessary money for themselves.


So let me start off by saying, I thought I chipped a tooth. So being this was a new office, and I live in the area. I thought I would give them a shot. Well big mistake on my part. I was fine 100% healthy the week of March 4th-10th with no issues. March 11th was my appointment with white oak. I went in right after I got off work, matter fact I was still in full uniform. They determined I didn't have a chipped tooth. The dentist that saw me, recommended I get a deep cleaning. I agreed to set that appointment up, and did so for the following Monday March 11th. That same day March 11th, the did a full work up of my teeth and full Xrays.  I went home March 11th, was fine ate dinner no problems. March 12th Tuesday morning I woke up with a fever, my upper lip was swollen as well as my nose. Wednesday march 13th I went to the ER, The doctor described it, as a facial abscess and gave me some Antibiotics and sent me home. Thursday March 14th, I was in so much pain I could not sleep, or eat anything. I made a 2nd trip back to the ER, they gave me a different Antibiotic and pain meds. Friday I wasn't feeling any better, could not keep any food down, really couldn't get out of bed. Sat I was way worse off, went back to the ER for a 3rd time. Dr Riley put me on a stronger Antibiotic and pain meds. Mean while I was so dehydrated and in so much pain. The ER put a IV in and gave me a bag of saline solution and a full bag of Antibiotics. They finally sent me home around 12 midnight. Well what the Doctor didn't know, is when she was looking at my mouth she had broke the abscess. It started draining in my mouth, on my way home. Finally Sun I was starting to do a bit better. Monday March 18th I was able to get out of bed, and go a few places. I was unable to return to work until Tuesday March 19th. I 100% put this on there office. I did go in and speak with there office mgr. The office mgr stated bring me the medical records, and we will forward to our legal department. Well being I already spoke to a couple attorneys, which told me proving they did anything would be extremely hard. They definitely was not going to take responsibility on there own. If you ever been to the dentist before, you know if they see any type of infection in your mouth or face they will not work on you. They will prescribe Antibiotics and send you home with a appointment to come back another day. Needless to say the feeling I got from them, was they was not going to help me with this and would not take responsibility for it. I lost a weeks pay, time and pain and suffering. I definitely would not recommend this office to anyone. PS I have pictures to prove all of this.

I rest my case.  Lord only knows what all they are going to charge my Medicare Complete United Health Care dental allowance after all that stuff they were doing during what was supposed to be a routine dental exam with Xrays.

Folks, no matter how good a business's average review is, be sure to read the one-star reviews FIRST!

(By the way, if this post doesn't make sense it's because I'm still mad; I'm afraid to take my blood pressure right now.)