Friday, October 02, 2009

Grave Matters

To start with, let me say that I first got interested in the subject of cremation when I read a post by the Kansas City Russian, "Bury Me Like a Jew".

That post made no mention of cremation (Jews don't do cremation), but it started me on a search that led to my reading the book "Grave Matters".

Mention cremation to most people and you get "Ewww, gross!"

After learning about what morticians do to a body before it's embalmed, I said, "Ewww, gross!".

I'd just as soon not have my blood washed down the sewer with everybody's excrement, thank you very much. From what I read in the Bible, blood is sacred... something to be treated with respect.

So today, Cliff and I, with his sister Rena, went and finalized our plans. We all opted for just a simple cremation. No fancy urn, although if somebody wants one after we're gone, that's fine; you can pay for it. Want a memorial service? Suit yourself. Throw a party? Oh, I love that idea. Be sure to play some John Prine and Iris Dement music, will you?

What to do with the ashes? Whatever makes you feel good. Set me on the coffee table so you can regularly tell me what you really think (I won't hear you, but maybe it will make you feel better); toss my ashes into the Missouri River (which I love so much!). Mix some of my remains with some ink and get a tattoo. People actually do that!

It just doesn't matter to me.

My sister-in-law, Rena, wants her ashes sprinkled into a flower bed.

I realize this is a somber subject, but we all have to think about it sometime; I just figured I'd share with my readers how we're dealing with it.

We do ride a motorcycle, you know; so now, we're prepared for the worst while enjoying the best.