Sunday, October 11, 2009

Talk to the butternut squash pro

I cooked butternut squash soup until, honestly, I'm sick of it. It's possible to get too much of a good thing.
I haven't gotten tired of butternut squash oven fries or microwaved squash with a little brown sugar in the hollow where the seeds used to be.
I made a pretty darned good butternut squash pie today, using the pumpkin pie recipe on the Libby's pumpkin label. And that's when it hit me: Stop googling for butternut squash recipes and find all the pumpkin recipes you can, because butternut squash substitutes for pumpkin just fine.
I may yet get rid of the one hundred-and-one squashes taking over my garage.
I've been strumming my guitar this evening, toughening up the ends of my fingers. I think my granddaughter, Monica, and I need to schedule at least one jam session together per week. Because I remember when I was learning to chord, two things helped me learn: a simple chord book, and hillbilly friends who let my strum along in the background, telling me where to find the next chord when I couldn't find it on my own.
Yeah, that's the ticket. Monica, you can keep the capo I loaned you; I'm getting myself a new one. After all, your great-aunt Rena works at Musician's friend; I'll bet she can get me a good buy on another Kyser capo. And there won't be any shipping cost, because she can just bring it home from work!
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  1. I didn't leave an opinion on the poll as I buy my bananas from Costco and they are cheap! 3 lbs for $1.32 or something like that. Could be 4 lbs I can't remember. It is a big bunch of bananas, I also get my milk there (as I don't have my own cow, teehee). It is the cheapest place in KC to buy milk.


  2. I just bought banana's for $.49/#. How much do you pay? Is that double? I don't think our banana's have gone up that much... but maybe we are slow. Thanks for the warning. LOL


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