Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Update on Sadie and Where have all the apples gone?

I no more than finished the previous post when Sadie started showing signs of life. In fact, even as I do this entry, she is lying on the floor in the doorway, watching me type. When she went out a while ago to relieve herself, her limp was much less evident.
Cliff and I love it when apple season starts in the fall. We start out with a half-bushel of Galas because they're an early variety; then when the Fujis start ripening, we stick with those, usually buying a couple of bushels near the end of the season; they keep quite well.
I would think there'd be an abundance of apples this year: we've had lots of rain, and it turned cool early, which causes the apples to ripen nicely.
But if you go to THIS WEBSITE and scroll down, and you'll see "SOLD OUT" alongside several varieties. That isn't the orchard we patronize, by the way; we like Rasa's, which is much closer to our home. Rasa sold out of Fujis too! They're gradually picking and grading more, but the lady working there said they are selling as fast as they get them picked.
So, since we were there anyway, I got a half-bushel of Golden Delicious, which used to be my favorite until we discovered Fuji apples. Looks like we'll be returning to Golden Delicious, if this trend keeps up.
And as I finish this entry, Sadie is behind me lying comfortably on the floor. Yep, she's on the mend. Dogs are so resilient!


  1. glad to hear sadie is doing better! sick or hurt animals are as bad as sick or hurt kids! we get the same anxioties!

  2. Glad that Sadie is doing better. I like Fuji apples best of all.Bet they are delicious right off the tree. Helen

  3. I'm glad to hear Sadie is better. What a worry it is when they don't feel well. If only they could talk it would help.

  4. ty for the email. give sadie a pat from monk & me.
    happy she's doing better. {}

  5. Goldens are delicious :-) when they get yellow and lightly wrinkled. They pick them green here and they don't taste the same. Also goldens will keep all winter.

  6. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Hi Donna...sure glad Sadie is better..I think sometimes our furry friends have an ache or two from time to time...just cannot tell us about it...lotsa TLC and that baby aspirin did the trick...and like you we enjoy our apples and in fact will visit several orchards this week end if it stops raining..we are lucky to have so many to choose from in the area...I love "fried" apples...lotsa butter...and sugar...and they love me too...!!! my hips, my stomach, my legs LOLOLOL...happy day to ya...Ora

  7. So glad that Sadie is on the mend. Maybe she twisted something when playing, hopefully that's all it is. Keep us posted!

    Nothing like a good Mac apple here in Maine. My refrigerator drawer is full! I can see a pie in my near future!

  8. Glad Sadie is better. Back on the butternut squash, I tried some Tuesday night and I liked it. I have enough for another night, may fix it tonight. If not for your blog I probably would have never tried it...take care, Sheila

  9. Just got your email, my dear friend...I was shocked to hear little Sadie was worse today & had to go to Vet. Will say a prayer for her, & mention this on my journal. Will put on Call 4 Support once you post here re it.
    Sending up a prayer for her (& you). Keep us posted, on your blog or send me an email.
    Give her a soft pat from Monk & me.
    God bless this little one & her family.


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