Saturday, October 31, 2009

My laugh for the day

I'm always checking my Site Meter to see what brings people here, their approximate location, how long they stay, and so forth.
Today I noticed someone from Bethany, Missouri, had found their way here; I have several relatives in that vicinity.
They had typed into Google my full name... the name I use on Facebook... along with the words, 'born slob".
Had to be one of my cousins. So, to any of my kinfolk in the Bethany area who stumble into these ramblings, welcome. I'm glad my reputation has gotten so wide-spread.
If I'm doing things right, the entries I'm doing of my mother's story should show up at 6 A.M. each morning until they're done. I have three more portions typed up and ready to go. Wait until you read her lecture on virginity!
It's a sunny day, still somewhat cool, but pleasant. I have potato soup made, and my stomach is growling. So I'm going to eat! Cliff is spending the day in the shop with his Oliver tractor; I told him to just come and eat when he's hungry.


  1. Wonder what they call men who love their tractors? lol

  2. The very idea adding the slob to their search. They should be ashamed of themselves. Helen

  3. Born slob! Hilarious! I'm loving the stories from your mom. It reminds me of a book I just finished reading. Thanks for sharing them!

  4. I am so enjoying your mom's autobiography, but I'll have to pick it up tomorrow and continue. How do you tell all of that from you site meter? I have site meter but I've never seen all that info. I had cream of broccoli soup today but I really wanted potato!


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