Sunday, October 18, 2009

We’re going for a motorcycle ride

We’ve had days and days of clouds and cold weather.  It’s no heat wave today… in fact, we got our second frost of the year.  It’s supposed to be 50 degrees by 11 o’clock, and we intend to leave then.  I have our picnic lunch ready to go.

our picnic lunch when we ride the motorcycle

Sardines and crackers make up our main course.  Sometimes we follow that with a couple of crackers with peanut butter.  Because I still have sweet peppers coming on (frost didn’t kill the plants), I threw in some pepper strips.  And because of the cold temperatures, we’re taking a thermos of coffee.  Plastic utensils and napkins are zipped inside the lunch box lid.

Most people, when I mention sardines, wrinkle up their noses and say, “Ewww”.  I wouldn’t think of eating them at home, but we enjoy them on our rides.  We started packing them after I read that sardines are heart-healthy; and since they’re at the bottom of the food chain, they don’t have as much toxic junk in them as larger fish.

I intend to wear my winter gear, because even at 50, it’s pretty cool riding.

I just have to share this next picture; Cliff hollered for his coffee when he woke up this morning and said, “I’ve been cold all night; the covers on this bed are all tangled up.”

Cliff wondered why he was cold

He had a whole quilt wadded up on his chest, and he’s the one that got cold?  As you can see, we have our flannel sheets on the bed already.  I usually don’t drag them out until November.


  1. It's so strange that your weather is colder than yours.
    LOL...nice picture. Velcro comes to my mind.
    Sardines are awesome on German bread with red onions. :)

  2. My flannels are on too! They help but not if the covers all up around your neck ...that is too funny. Hope you are able to stay warm on your ride. It's supposed to reach 50 here today sometime but it's after noon now and it still hasn't made it.

  3. I myself don't care for sardines but my children do. That picture is so funny of cliff all snuggled to his quilt which is all at the top, doubled up at that LOL.

  4. I like sardines but I love me some (only this kind)

  5. m.v....yummy. Good price too.

  6. i have always liked sardines with a little hot sauce, & a few slices of onion! add a few crackers & yum!
    hope sadie is doing ok.
    have a great ride.

  7. Magran4211:12 PM

    I've seen this kind of thing at my house too. No wonder the legs are cold. Loved the pictures.

  8. I like sardines. I like the tomato based ones but here they have tomato basil and it doesn't taste like what I'm used too. I haven't tried hot sauce ones, maybe I should, or put hot sauce on the tomato ones. Take care, Sheila


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