Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sadie's under the weather

When we took our walk yesterday morning, I told Cliff, "Sadie isn't herself."
He couldn't see it, but it was obvious to me that she wasn't running in circles at her usual pace; she stayed closer to us than usual. I thought she was limping a little.
By yesterday afternoon, Cliff agreed something was "off" about our dog. She seemed to have some trouble in her hind quarters. She wanted on my lap after dinner, as always, but couldn't jump up. I lowered the footrest of my Lazy Boy and half-dragged her up; she curled up, looking dejected.
She didn't eat all day, or even during the night last night... which is when she usually packs the grub away. She accepted a couple of bites of cold meat loaf from the fridge; that's it. Two different times I gave her a baby aspirin, hoping that would relieve her pain, whatever is causing it.
I do turn her loose outside, and although she doesn't usually leave our yard these days, I'm wondering if a car hit her. Or perhaps a horse kicked her. Or maybe that boxer that runs free and attacked her one time mauled her again, although I think there would be blood if that had happened.
She's just staying curled up in her bed looking vulnerable and sad.

I took both these videos two days ago. I wonder if all that jumping is what hurt her hindquarters. Although she has been playing that game for years and it never hurt her.

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  1. get sadie to the vet & tell him/her everything. let them check her out. never know what could be wrong.
    a prayer for sadie.


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