Wednesday, October 07, 2009

When you’re the only kid on the block…

I can’t help but pity the little steer, Sir Loin. His cow companions consist of his mom and two adolescent heifers. There’s really nobody to play with, although sometimes the youngest heifer will hang out with him.

As I was finishing up my horseback ride yesterday, I found little Sir playing with the bucket I climb on to get aboard my tall horse. Blue patiently waited while I took some pictures to make into a slide show and a video.

Here’s a very brief video of some of the action.


  1. He is so pretty. At least he is free to roam around and not be penned up in a stall every day and night. Helen

  2. I was all like awwee, poor Sir Loin has no one to play with... LOL.. he is very cute! I would come over to play with him if I lived closer... LOL... Maybe it is a good thing I don't, I would hate to have to explain to my cat why I smell like cow... Hahaha!

  3. Awww, how sweet & yet how sad. It was very windy there I see!

  4. He is the cutest! Makes me not want a hamburger......ever.
    Poor guy all by himself :(
    Your so lucky that the Pioneer Woman is coming to Kansas City. I would love to meet her. Are you going?
    Huggers, Gayla

    PS: Here is my new, updated blog address:

  5. Are you going to make sure of no horns? If so then get him a big bouncy ball.


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