Sunday, October 11, 2009

I love Snopes, but I hate when I get caught by Snopes

One of my friends on Facebook posted a video of President Obama apparently being snubbed by Russians. I watched the video and it looked authentic to me.

Now I'm one of those who gets all self-righteous when someone sends me an email that's obviously not true. (Sorry, but confession is good for the soul; so here I sit in sackcloth and ashes.) Sometimes I'll send them a link from Snopes, letting them know they've been horn-swaggled, wondering to myself why people don't check these things out.

Anyhow, I posted the video on a message board and sent it to a couple of friends. Since it involved Russia, I also sent it to my Russian buddy, who told me he'd seen it and that there was some explanation... he didn't remember exactly what it was.

Joe, a guy on the message board, gave me the link to Snopes that explained the video.

I am now sitting in the corner with my dunce cap on. I've been had.

My apologies to everybody who received the video link from me.

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