Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Swagbucks (and Whizzo)

I truly do not understand why all people aren't using Swagbucks as their search engine. You can see, above, the list of Freebies I've received so far (click on the picture to make it larger), and all I did to get them was surf the web. I think the deal I got today, the top one on the list, is the best yet. Twenty-five dollars off a meal! We'll probably use it at V's, next time we're in Independence.
I've used some of my swagbucks to download music from Itunes. Hey, I enjoy any sort of freebie, as long as it's something I want!
No, I am not being paid for this post. I'd just like to see everybody get free stuff.

The Oregon guy blogged today about a local TV show he watched as a kid growing up in New Jersey. This took me down memory lane to a magical place called "Whizzoland".

Whizzo came on right at lunchtime, and I'll bet half the kids in Kansas City had lunch with Whizzo. I found a Youtube video of a film made in the 70's, judging by everybody's hair styles: The Whizzo Reunion
Whizzo was still performing somewhere out in the wastelands of Kansas when he died in 1987.


  1. You are talking about western kansas only, right? :)

  2. Er, umm, yeah, maybe... Topeka IS Western Kansas, right?


  3. I signed up for Swagbucks, Donna


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