Monday, October 12, 2009

a bright spot in a dreary day

I've been missing the hummingbirds and goldfinches something awful; most of the time these days, the yard outside my computer room window is as still as a cemetery. Lately, though, around sunup and sundown, bluebirds have gathered out there. They perch on the fence. and fly over to drink from the birdbath. Today I actually saw several of them at the birdbath together, and this time they were bathing! This gives me hope that perhaps I might have some luck getting bluebirds to nest in my yard next year.
Later on I saw a house finch bathing with them. Maybe things on the bird scene are going to get interesting again.
You can click on the picture of the birds to see them better; I realize it leaves something to be desired, since I took the shot through a screen.


  1. Bluebirds are my favorite birds. They are so sweet and have such a soft sweet song. Helen

  2. It certainly was a dreary day and any bright spot you might find was appreciated! Thanks for sharing yours! Our birds have been pretty scarce around here too.

  3. Oh, it's hard to spot bluebirds. You are one lucky bird! Anne

  4. we're missing our hummingbirds too. I noticed John brought the feeders in but he didn't wash them.

  5. Congratulations on the blue birds. Here's hoping for next year's nest.


  6. I love watching birds. Not crows necessarily, but birds in general.

    Where I live, I have to go out to the woods to see birds other than the common Mynahs and crows, birds with more interesting colors.

    To get to see birds coming and going comfortably in your home is wonderful. Hopefully they will build a nest in your yard, it will be interesting to watch the family grows and chicks finally leave the nest.

    The thought alone is just awesome to me.

  7. I really miss my hummingbirds too! I think they have gone to other neighbors to get their nutrients from their feeders. My feeders had ants so bad, and I was even using ant guards, watching closely and following instructions to a tee!
    I miss em. Hubby has another ida.....OH wow, be very afraid....LOL

    Hugs, Gayla


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