Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Whatever happened to global warming?

It's hard to believe it's this cold in early October, but from statistics I've been reading, it's happened before.
Yeah, this is RIGHT NOW, at 8:30; and the sun has been up for awhile. I turned the furnace on for the second time this autumn. I only put it on 62 degrees, so it didn't run long.

They're talking about a freeze this weekend. Boy, am I glad I've been picking all my sweet peppers as fast as they get big enough, because if the weather-guessers are right, those plants will be killed by the cold weather very soon.


  1. Wow,this weather has been strange. I haven't ran the air in sometime here, but I'm running it again this morning. It's just muggy from the rain.

  2. 'They' don't call it "Global Warming" any more. 'They' call it "Global Climate Change" now. That way they are covered both ways. They still use it as an excuse to raise taxes. I believe in doing what we can to help the environment. I just trust that our government can properly administer tax revenue to solve any of this country's or the world's problems.

  3. I keep my furnace at 68 and am chilly and put an extra layer on when I'm home. It doesn't run often or for long but 62 is too cold for me. At work it's warm until the ground freezes and then my feet are always cold as we sit on a cement slab and the heat comes from the ceiling. It's 72 in my office right now and the heat has not come on all day. Did I mention I'm glad you got the comments going again?

  4. That's getting downright nippy!! It's not that cold here thankfully!

    It has been getting into the 40's at night some and I have had the heat on a couple of times. I think it's time you got the longjohns out!!!

  5. Yeah, we joke about Global Warming all the time around here; usually when the temps are hitting 0 degrees.

    My sweet peppers are pretty much kaput. I had some red ones this year, but hubby wouldn't eat them; said he felt weird eating red ones, like maybe they were too old or something. Go figure. So I sliced them up and froze them for stir fries. HA!

  6. And do you notice how, now that summer is over, we're no longer hearing about oil drilling being so crucial, too? It's all a conspiracy, I tell ya! When one of our garbage men went hunting near Bend, OR, last week they had 16" of snow. Ha, imagine that in this 'hot' world. And barely October then.


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