Thursday, October 08, 2009

Rainy days aren't so bad if you have a good book

A few days ago I wandered over to Kansas City Sinic's blog, and she sang the praises of a book called "The Glass Castle". It sounded like something I could get into, so I went to, found a used copy, used my $5 Amazon gift card (thank you Swagbucks) and ended up paying only $2, shipping and all.

Believe me, it's keeping me spellbound. I've had my nose in the book off and on all day.

We're up to two inches of rain so far, it's still coming down, and there's more in the forecast.

Last week I saw in our local newspaper that flu shots were going to be given today, from ten till noon, in our little city hall. I woke Cliff up around ten, telling him there was no hurry because we had until noon. We were puzzled to see no cars at all in front of City Hall. I went inside and saw not a single person, although I detected a faint medicinal smell... maybe alcohol. Returning to the car, Cliff decided I must have gotten the date wrong.

As we were about to leave, "Wild Bill" (that's what his pickup says, although he doesn't look that wild) drove up beside us and told us they ran out of the vaccine early on.

It's time for Cliff's quarterly visit to the doctor anyhow, and I need to see if they can give me a blood pressure med that doesn't make me cough; I quit taking the last prescription after three weeks of miserable choking and hacking, and it took three weeks off of it before the coughing stopped. Anyhow, we'll get our flu shots then.


  1. A good book can take you away for sure. I'm reading when ever I get the time, which hasn't been a whole lot lately. I'll have to check that book out. Thanks for the tip.

  2. If I'd known you were interested, I could have sent you "The Glass Castle" for free! I'm overdue for a book purge. :)

  3. Thee's nothing like a good book on a rainy day. Sorry about the shortage of shots.

  4. When I get into a book, it is very hard to put it down! I usually read until I am done! I am a pretty fast reader, I read Dan Brown's 'The Lost Symbol' in about 24 hours, all 509 pages.

  5. Oh how I love a good book on a rainy day in front of the fireplace with a cat in my lap and one on my feet!

    We are having a hard time getting the flu shots too. I hope to get it before I fly, I think planes are notorious for spreading germs.

  6. Lindie12:19 PM

    I am a reader. any book, almost. Have you found the blog homesick Texan on blogspot? her most recent entry is for homemade cheese with raw milk. It looks so easy!I want to make it but don't know where to get a gallon of milk! Will you find it and make it?

  7. I had a Dr. appt. Tuesday and they were out of flu shots so I got mine at Safeway. I've seen Walgreens and Target advertise that they give them.


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