Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just so you know....

I am indeed enjoying my Mac Mini. There are all kinds of fun applications to play with.
When all is said and done, though, it still takes you to the same old Internet we all know and love... just in case someone didn't know that.
I'm only hoping I don't pick up those pesky worms and trojans like I did on my PC; and I hope that when there are updates from Apple, my computer will accept them. Because Windows update on my old computer stopped working months ago.
That's the real reason I decided to spend that extra money to buy a Mac. Let's see if it works out. You just don't know until you try.
I'm still looking for a free anti-virus for Mac; I know, many Mac users don't use an anti-virus. And yet, what I read on the Internet tells me that Apple computers actually can, and do, get viruses, although not as often.
I am not using Windows for Mac, because I've read that can set a Mac up for more viruses.
I'll keep you posted.
Oh, Cliff and I went for a brief motorcycle ride today, hoping to see some lovely autumn foliage. The autumn leaves this year, so far, are pretty much ho-hum. Leaves are prettier right here on our few acres than anywhere else we've been. I had Cliff take this picture on our walk this morning.


  1. Beautiful! You know its been several years since I've worn a big coat like that. Maybe the year I went to Niagra Falls in December. Not rubbing it in though we pay for it in the summer.

  2. Glad you're enjoying your Mac. None of the Mac folks I know are using any virus protection. Probably not necessary right now. What you do want to do is to click on Preferences in your dock (it's the gray box that looks like gears). Then click on "Security"... top row next to "Spotlight." Then click on "Firewall." And make sure it's "on."

  3. Lindie10:31 AM

    Am reading with interest your adventures with your new computer. My Vaio is getting on (4 yrs now) and maybe Imight switch. But first I need to find out if anyone in my family can come to my rescue if I need them! Leaves in town are getting beautiful right now. Lots more trees that are not natives but planted.

  4. Pretty tree...good luck with the mac.


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