Saturday, October 17, 2009


Several years ago, Cliff and I found ourselves with three grandchildren… all of them out of reach. Our son’s two children were with him and his wife, stationed in Germany. Our daughter had moved 150 miles or so away and was living in south Missouri.

One baby boy saved our sanity. His name was Dakota, but everybody called him Kody.


He was six months old when I started babysitting him. I believe he was around two years old when he left us.

He was so cute, and so much fun. He bore on his little shoulders all the weight of how much we missed our grandchildren.

I sang “Eansey-weensie spider” to him, and he did motions with his hands trying to imitate what I was doing, saying, “Pie-dee, Pie-dee”.

He was an active baby. He took short naps, and wasn’t one to sit quietly and watch TV.

He’s sixteen now, and we haven’t really kept in touch with him. I was grocery-shopping recently and the bag-boy spoke to me, calling me by name. It was Kody. My heart melted.

I will always love that boy.

I “friended” his mom on Facebook last week and saw a picture of the baby boy who filled the void when my grandchildren weren’t available. He will never know how much he means to me, even today.


God bless you, Kody. I hope life is kind to you.


  1. Oh Donna, I remember those stories about Kody.....from years ago. I am so very glad you got to see him! Anne

  2. How great that you got to see him again. 16 already! Time does fly. You were so blessed to have had the joy of taking care of him.
    Having grandchildren and not being able to do all those wonderful things with them is hard. I do know that for a fact.

  3. Donna, this entry brought tears to my eyes! It is great that you ran into him again and can see what a great kid he grew up to be! How wonderful for you! Hugs!


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