Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remembering Linda C. Lee; she lived a joyful, fulfilled life.

After reading the comments on previous tributes I have done, I couldn't possibly miss the opportunity of doing another one.  I randomly picked a World Trade Center victim, began what I figured would be a hopeless search for information, and struck gold.  For more tributes of the 9/11 victims, go to Project 2,996.

First of all, I found a tribute with her picture on the World Trade Center Memorial site.  Ms. Lee, age 34, was a senior associate at a financial services firm.  On September 11, 2,001, she just happened to be attending a technology conference at the trade center.    

She listened with her fullest attention," said Tiffany Norwood, her friend since kindergarten. "She wanted to know exactly what was going on in your life. 
Ms. Lee had a love of adventure, Ms. Norwood said. In high school, the two girls would sneak off from their homes in Camp Springs, Md., to New York for the weekend. As young women, they would sweet talk New York cabbies into letting them drive the taxi. 
"She had an amazing ability to make and nurture friendships," said Stacey Harris, another close friend. "She made you feel like you were her only friend." 

I found the following words left by friends at her online obituary site: 
"I met Linda on a consulting assignment at Morgan Stanley. She had a good heart and she was very giving. Working with her was challenging. I found her to be very bright, patient, tolerant and understanding. I was at Morgan Stanley when she left the firm to further her career. I am stunned and so very saddened by this. Why God took such a wonderful person from us is something I will never understand." 

"Linda was an exceptional person with a generosity of spirit that was beyond words. I was always in awe of the way she approached life. She was excited to be alive and be in New York City and see and do and just experience. I think we ate in every restaurant in the East Village.
Linda saw the beauty and joy in things that most people would never notice. And when you were around her, you couldn’t help but see what she saw. And she always saw the good in people, unless of course, those people insulted her friends." 

I was glad to see that there is a memorial scholarship in her name.


  1. What a wonderful tribute! So many important and happy lives cut short.She sounds like a very talented woman, such a loss.

  2. This is a wonderful tribute. Thank you for posting.


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