Sunday, September 18, 2011

Civil War celebration

It was a damp, gray day yesterday, just like today is turning out to be.  Much of the time there was a fine mist, and it even turned to light rain a couple of times.  There was a chautauqua tent where we watched a Civil War doctor explain the methods that were used on soldiers with battle injuries.  Various other interesting demonstrations were going on there throughout the day.  
We took the Civil War tour bus and leaned lots of interesting facts about homes and buildings we see all the time in Lexington, our nearest good-sized town.  If I could locate a book with all these facts, I'd buy it.  
And, we watched the parade.   It was, indeed, raining on our parade as we watched.  I had hoped we could go to the reenactment of The Battle of the Hemp Bales at 3 P.M. this afternoon, but alas:

Oh, the battle will go on, rain or shine; I just don't think I'd enjoy standing in the rain to watch it.  One interesting fact learned yesterday:  At the time of the Civil War, 40% of the population of this county (Lafayette) was made up of slaves.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That would be neat if you could find a book with the history of the civil war there. Here in Ohio we are mostly know for our underground railroad helping slaves to escape. Lots is written about those times. I've been to several civil war reenactments and those folks do really get into it. Sorry the weather is not so great there it would be more fun in the sun. Hope your Sunday is a wonderful one.


Back in the day... in the Virginia, Washington and Maryland areas... I used to participate in Civil War reenactments. They were always interesting and fun, especially since I had a small baby. Everything had to be authentic, down to buttons on the clothes. And just like you said, the event went on come rain or shine. Good luck finding a book. With the internet... searches for such things are so much easier, nowadays.