Thursday, September 15, 2011


It's time I sit down and type something, if only to push Ron Paul on down the page.  
My cousin Pauline and her husband, Marvin, spent the night with us.  They're on their way to St. Louis to a funeral.  We had a nice visit, and they brought us some apples, huge sweet potatoes, cucumbers, eggs, and other goodies.  These are people who do things like the Amish in a lot of ways:  canning, juicing, preserving.  Blight never troubles their tomatoes, and they are the winners in any battles with squash bugs.  
Can you tell I'm jealous?  Well, I envy their success, but you'd never find me putting all the effort into it that they do, so how can I be jealous? 
My garden this year was almost a total failure and I had Cliff mow the main plot.  It was that bad.  Our early corn was good, and the cabbage and carrots.  The tomato plants are taller than my head, but I haven't gotten as many tomatoes off a dozen plants as I would normally get off one plant.  Seriously, I may totally swear off gardening again.  
My daughter's ex-husband, Jerry, is having heart surgery today; one artery was 95% blocked.  Prayers would be appreciated.  We all care about Jerry.  
Meanwhile, Cliff had his routine blood test Monday.  His sugars are high for about the third time in a year; the nurse who called said he isn't diabetic, but he needs to watch his carbs, fats, and proteins. The doctor yelled at us about this not long ago.  He wants Cliff to lose fifteen or so pounds because, as he put it, "If you go on like this, you will be diabetic!"  
I think Max is taking a little more of Bonnie's milk, but I'm still getting about a gallon once a day, mostly from one back quarter.  
This is a boring entry, I know.  But it's the best I can do today.  
By the way, it was 45 degrees this morning when we woke up.  Winter is approaching!  


Amy said...

I'm coming in at 93 degrees right now. I don't think winter is ever coming.
I really admire the Amish, but can you imagine this Texas heat with no air conditioning? yikes.


I'm envious of folks with gardens. I used to have one years ago that produced everything we needed to feed a growing family. Lettuce, celery, asparagus, peppers, carrots, scallions, squash, plums, apples, cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, etc. How I miss it and what it yielded. Sorry to hear about Cliff's sugar levels and your daughter's ex. My husband lost his job one week and then found out he has a leaky heart valve, that might need an operation, the next. Being without money is one thing, but losing your health is worse.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I gave up gardening a long time ago as it just wasn't worth the effort to me. At the time I was working so it made it hard to find the time but now that there is just me I find that road side stands work just wonderfully. I will be praying for Jerry. I hope the surgery is successful and he does well. As healthy as you all eat most of the time, I'm surprised that Cliff has to loose weight. I'd say that 15 lbs isn't too bad compared to a lot of folks I see. It's to be in the 40's here tonight too. But I saw in the long range that next week will be warmer. It's just too early to be that cold.

Helen said...

Prayers that things will go good for Jerry. Some good old collard greens would be great about now. Cooler weather makes me think of them. Love your header picture. Helen

Fernan said...

your posts is far from boring. Because you care about all things big and small. I particularly like your feminine point of view. Can't tell you how many times you've near put me stitches? And, because you care, from our house to Jerry's we wish him well with a speedy recovery.

Margaret said...

Hope Jerry will be OK!! My MIL knew how to do all that stuff and my older daughter learned canning from her. I have no interest or aptitude in those arts. :)

patsy said...

tell cliff take heart, they have yelled at me for years about sugar, no deibetes yet. 73 and past.