Monday, October 12, 2009

Jokes and bananas

Thanks to the jokemeister on Tractor Tales, I got both the cold- and hot-weather versions of the joke I wanted to send Cliff. Thanks, Lefty!
Since I've owned a computer, it seems as if nobody can tell a joke I haven't already seen several times in email. Well, Cliff was never on the computer enough to have an email address, and I didn't share a lot of those jokes with him; I would set him up with his email over the years, but the on the few occasions when he was on the computer, he'd forget to check it. Now that he's Internet addicted (I love teasing him about that), he's actually starting to remember to check his mail. So I'm having fun recycling old jokes to him.
I had a comment from a local person saying she buys her bananas at Costco. We have a Sam's Club card, and bananas are indeed cheaper there; but keep in mind that's thirty miles from here. We only go there perhaps once every couple of months. I'm sure Aldi's has bananas for a reasonable price, too. That's twenty-five miles away, in Blue Springs. Now we are in that town fairly often, but since I don't drive, I try to keep our stops to a minimum for Cliff's sake.
I added the banana poll as a result of a brief conversation I had with Cliff yesterday: In the local stores, including the nearest Walmart, bananas are over sixty cents per pound. Less than two years ago, they were thirty-three cents a pound. I've refrained from buying them lately, but as I told Cliff, even at that price you get quite a few bananas for the money. I guess what bothers me is the fact that they've doubled in price in such a short time!
I tend to buy what's in season; right now we're enjoying apples. I imagine once the apples are done for, we'll be back to eating bananas... whatever the price! After all, what's a bowl of cereal without a banana sliced into it?


  1. when I was a kid I used to dream about bananas, I may have had them 3-4 times in my life until I got here. Then for some time I bought bananas every time I went to the store. Nowadays I might buy them once or twice a year.Banana overload.

  2. With kids, we buy bananas all the time.....sometimes they get eaten and sometimes they become bread. But if you don't buy them they ask for them and if you do have them they are either too green or too brown......for the kids mostly too brown......what to do?

  3. Bananas are such a good source of potassium that I try to eat a half one daily. Better than taking a pill. Anne


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