Saturday, October 17, 2009

This might save somebody's life

Go on over to "My Sister's Farmhouse" and read a letter from her Uncle Dave. Don't let it happen to you or one of your loved ones.


  1. I went. I read. I've been there! Regular visits to the skin doc can save your life. :)

    That guy is a writing riot!

  2. He is right. Get regular checkups by a Dermatologist. Your internist has had about 5 hrs of Derm training in med school. Doc has found them everywhere; including under the fingernails and also where the "sun don't shine. If you have a strange spot on your face and somebody points it out, do NOT say, "Oh, I've had that for years!" Doc told our neighbor that once and that was his answer. Two years later, he had half his nose taken off. Anne


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