Sunday, October 04, 2009

One thing and another

The Oregon guy posted a link to my blog yesterday, and that link brought me lots of new visitors. One lady spent hours reading back through my archives. Cliff said, "Sounds like she needs to get a life."

Obviously he doesn't appreciate what a fascinating person I am.

I explained to my husband who that guy in Oregon is, and how I came to be reading his blog. Since Cliff was on the laptop, I went over and found that blog for him. Bad mistake. He got to an entry where Guy talks about Macs, asking why they should cost so much more than other computers. There were comments on that entry that Cliff had NO business reading, since he knows I'm about to buy a Mac. Thanks a lot, Guy. Of course, I'll still be getting that Mac Mini; since Cliff's spending a small fortune on that old Oliver tractor that's too big for him to use on our place, I have some leverage here.

Back to the traffic on my blog: The most daily hits I ever get is when I post a link on Tractor Tales that I think the group might find interesting. My stats will double or even triple on those days. Which is really strange, because only about a couple dozen people usually post on that board. Evidently there are hundreds of lurkers there.

This morning I removed the cages and T-posts from the blight-riddled tomato plants, both in my garden and in what's left of Cliff's garden; it's a job I wouldn't normally relish, but with my Ipod playing, it was a whole different experience. I have it on "shuffle", and there's no way I could get bored with songs by such a variety of artists playing. Sometimes I'm surprised by a song I've forgotten putting on there.

I found enough decent tomatoes for me and Cliff to have a couple of BLT's, our last for the summer.

And that's how things stand today.