Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Cliff and the Internet

I got my first Gateway computer in 1998; I was instantly hooked, spending hours online, mostly in the old AOL Christian chat room. Cliff would shake his head when he'd hear me laughing out loud at something somebody had typed into chat. He just didn't get it.

Back then, I tried to get him interested in websites about tractors; as much as he loves tractors, though, he just didn't want to waste time at the computer.

I believe Craigslist is what finally turned him on to the Internet. He loves to check out prices of tractors and farm implements for sale. It helps that he has use of my laptop, so he can surf from the comfort of his Lazy-Boy recliner.

In fact, we now consider the laptop "his". Unless we're traveling with it; then we share.

I came to realize to just what extent he's taken over the laptop when he asked me, the other day, if we could get a picture of his Oliver 1855 tractor to use as his desktop photo.

Since there's not a day goes by that he doesn't get on the Internet, I set him up with his own email. Often people will send me a joke or link that they want Cliff to see; he never gets it because he isn't around when I read my email.

I sent messages to our son, our daughter, Cliff's two sisters and one brother, letting them know Cliff has email now.

So far, nobody's sent him anything, and he forgets to check. So I've started sending him at least one joke every day, just so he'll get used to checking his email.
It's taken more than ten years, but he's finally starting to understand why I spend so much time on the computer. I have a feeling that when winter winds start howling, he's going to enjoy it a whole lot more.

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