Wednesday, September 30, 2009

About comments

I read a lot of blogs; I don't read every post on each one, but I do keep a watch on them all.

In doing so, I've come to realize that sometimes there's a popularity contest going on. Seriously!
It's as if those who get the most comments are special.

Folks, over the years I've tried not to be a game-player. I dropped out of competition back around the fourth grade, because I didn't want to conform to the ideas of others, and I realized I didn't fit in.

There is a great gulf between me and most of the general population, and I'm really not that comfortable with most people.

I don't want to dress a certain way just because everybody else does. That's just me. I don't intend to wear only white shoes after Memorial Day. Who made up that stupid rule? While we're at it, I don't think people ought to have to dress up to worship God.

I'm really glad I'm not a big-time blogger, by the way. One of my favorite, very popular, bloggers has a person who spends most of her time on her own blog criticizing this lady: She says this person is photo-shopping her pictures to make her look better; that she is making money from her blog; that she is posting unhealthy recipes when she ought to be encouraging people to lose weight. On and on this embittered person goes.

This negative-talking female has scores of ladies who comment to express their agreement. And don't you DARE suggest that they're jealous, because they insist they're not.

I appreciate everyone who has supported me in my comment section, but I want you to know it isn't necessary. Although if my husband ever goes into the hospital again, or if my dog gets run over, I will open my comments. Because at times like that, the things my readers say mean so very much!

I hope you all understand where I'm coming from.