Saturday, September 26, 2009

Finding the back roads

Cliff has had two full days of working on his tractor project uninterrupted. Tomorrow is the last full day of our weekend, and I suggested we get on the motorcycle and ride someplace. Cliff told me to figure out someplace to ride.

There are two places I've nagged him all summer long to take me: the Pony Express Museum at St. Joseph, and Jefferson City, to see our state capital. He's been reluctant to go either place.

So I brought up the St. Joseph trip to him again.

"That's too far," he said.

I returned to my computer to see if I could find anything going on tomorrow, within sixty miles or so. I wasn't having any luck; then he said, from the next room, "Are there any back roads to St. Joe?"

Well, there are some, but it's hard to figure them out on the map. Maybe in the morning it will make more sense.

Wish me luck.


Rachel said...

good luck! Call me when you get home. We'd like to come out. In fact, I'll make chili, if you'll make cornbread.

Helen said...

Good luck on getting Cliff to go. I see you won't have to cook anything when you get back home but a pan of cornbread. That would be nice. Helen

Muhd Imran said...

Hope you get your ride and arrive to your destination safe, sound and very happy.

Good luck and enjoy the trip.

Paula said...

Hope you're on your way home from a fun trip and will soon be full of chili and cornbread.