Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Stewed tomatoes

Cliff loves macaroni-and-tomatoes, and I decided that would be a good addition to our dinner. I started with fresh tomatoes from the garden; blight has pretty much taken our tomato plants, but the fruits go ahead and ripen anyhow. I knew I had to make stewed tomatoes before cooking the macaroni; and although it's pretty simple, I refreshed my memory by googling up this simple recipe.

Then, as often happens when I'm cooking, I went strolling down memory lane: When I was growing up, my mom often fixed "breaded tomatoes", and I loved them. She simply cooked stewed tomatoes, and when they were done, she added enough torn-up bread or broken crackers to soak up most of the juice.

After I married, Cliff's family made macaroni and tomatoes, rather than stewed tomatoes; but it's the same taste, you just chew a little more with macaroni.

Good stuff, Maynard.

I had Cliff mow most of the garden; it was a pretty shameful sight, and I'm glad to have some of the eyesore gone. He left the Okra, the tomatoes, peppers (which are going crazy now), and of course, the butternut squash that is intent on devouring our home. I just need to go out with the push mower and trim the places the tractor couldn't go; it's hard to do that when the ground stays wet.


Lisa said...

I love macaroni and tomatoes too. I add ground beef and mushrooms and sauce and it is so delicious!
Our garden had so much weeding to be done... it was a job and it took all weekend but it's finally back in order. I'm trying to decide if I should plant a few fall seeds or not for one last quick harvest perhaps. Seems like we're gonna have an early winter though.
Lisa in KY

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love them too! Here's another use for them: My mom would always cream her stewed tomatoes and make dumplings on top of them...that was good too!

DianeLynn said...

With all the tomatoes here I have been adding chopped fresh tomatoes on top of cooked rice. The tomatoes are sweet and it just added a nice taste to the rice with little soy sauce to boot.
I like the mac dish, going to try that soon. Have a great day!

Hollie said...

That sounds great!

Paula said...

Macaroni and tomatoes was a regular at out house when Mel was alive and the girls were still home. I like my onions in there too. Think I'll make some one day soon.