Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pioneer Woman is coming to Kansas City!

(I stole this picture from her website... I hope she doesn't mind)

No, I won't be forcing my daughter to take me to meet Ree. I've always felt out of my element on the Plaza anyhow. You know, like one of the Clampetts in Beverly Hills.

The Pioneer Woman is going on a tour with her cookbook, so if you're a fan, you might want to check HERE and see if she's coming to a book store near you. She says the list of towns she's visiting will be updated from time to time.

If you see her, tell her Granny Clampett said howdy.


Rachel said...

I actually saw that a week or so ago, and wanted to go. However, it's a work day.

Anonymous said...

yay - i adore her - i wish she'd write a book about her photography

Anonymous said...

I think that Ree would be honored to meet you. Vicki

Lindie said...

I was planning on going to the one in OP but now might just go to the one on the Plaza. I am familiar with that area as I used to go to church there. Can't wait!

Anne said...

Hey Mo, get somebody to bring you to my house on Sunday night and we'll go to the Overland park one and I'll take you home afterwards. Sound good to you? p.s. Maybe we can stop at the Brass Armadillo on the way back to your home. Anne