Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I've ordered my Mac Mini

Apple computers came out with upgrades today. Thanks to Dave (Hyperblogal), I waited for this, rather than buying my Mac Mini two weeks ago. I'm getting much more bang for my buck on this updated model.
I ordered my Mac Mini today. It works with my present monitor and keyboard. Also the mouse, but I ordered a new Apple mouse because my old trackball is about worn out.
This purchase is very timely; my Dell constantly makes groaning and grinding noises from deep within; it's refused to do any Windows updates for months; and it's been running slower and slower. I will, however, keep it in a closet for awhile in case I need it in the future. It's always good to have a spare computer around.
The old laptop Cliff uses is pretty sluggish too. When it comes time to replace it, I'll probably get another Dell. Cliff doesn't need a lot of hard drive space, and I'm not sure he'd appreciate trying to get used to a whole other kind of computer. He's just started learning how to use our present laptop in the last six months or so.
I'll be honest with my readers when I start using my Mac. I'll tell you what differences I notice, good or bad. I don't learn new things very well, so my daughter will have to be patient; I'll probably be asking her some questions. I told her if I hate it, I won't blame her... I'll blame Dave.
I have spent hours on the Apple website, and there's a lot of information there for beginners, explaining how things work.
There is one common statement I hear from both PC users and Mac users: "Everybody I know who owns a Mac loves it."
And that's pretty comforting.


  1. You will love it. At work I have both an old Mac and a newer Dell. I use both most everyday. They each do different things I need in the office. At home I have an HP. Right now I like them all because they are all working. If I had it to do over I'd go mac. There are a few differences but you'll adapt easily. Glad you have your daughter to help you out. That makes it even better.

  2. You will love the Mac. :)

    There's also another say "Once you go MAC, you will never go back!" So true.

  3. I hope you like and enjoy it. Helen

  4. your old laptops can still be cleaned up even if you want to sell them on craigslist

  5. Hey, Mom...you have everything backed up to external drives, right? Make sure to do that. You should burn CDs of all images and documents you want to keep, as well as having them on an external drive.

    Anywho, enough about backup. The external drive will save your computers a TON of work, as well as saving your files. I'm just sayin'. You may have trouble accessing your external drive at first, depending upon how it was formatted, but I can help you get everything accessible to MAC.

  6. Always fun to learn something new. You are so lucky your daughter lives near. I have NO ONE. Do have a guy who will help me when I get desperate for $25.00 an hour but even he doesn't know everything.

  7. I had to check in on the Hubs laptop while here in Florida to see how Sadie is doing. I have been praying for her that she will be restored to good health so was soooo glad to hear that she is doing so much better!

  8. I will very graciously accept blame... :) although I learned long ago not to tick off folks who have access to farm implements.

  9. I hope your Mac gives you lots of pleasure and it's everything you had hoped it would be. I'm glad you have Rachel to help you get it setup the way you want it.

  10. Lindie9:56 AM

    Will be waiting to hear how it goes. My Vaio is making noises!


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