Saturday, December 05, 2009

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

The Christmas tree farm we used to go to seems to have closed down. We were headed to Higginsville to get a precut tree (I was pouting about that; I wanted a fresh-cut tree) when Cliff's brother who lives there called on the cell phone. I had Cliff ask him if he knew of any Christmas tree farms nearby, and he did! In fact, this was the best one we've ever found. The trees were all very nice, and they had any size a person might want.

Cliff was just happy to have heard the last of it for this season.

The tree was $35, and they didn't charge extra for shaking the dead needles off.

I thought we should have taken the pickup, but Cliff said the trunk would work just fine.

Indeed, it did.

Oh yes, and my bubble lights work great.

Decorating a Christmas tree with no children around isn't nearly as much fun, but it's still worth the effort. I had "It's A Wonderful Life" playing in the background while I trimmed the tree.

The pine scent is divine. But it makes me hungry for fruitcake.


  1. Very nice. It's truly the season now.

  2. Very pretty! I am just so not into Christmas yet. I was going to go shop for an itty-bitty tree that I can put up somewhere where my littlest grandson can't reach it, only to go out into the parking lot of the store I did my grocery shopping at this morning to find my truck...GONE!! Somebody stole it! So the rest of my getting-ready-for-Christmas plans I had for today went kaput. Oh well. What can you do?

  3. It is beautiful! I think I can smell it all the here in Ohio too!

    Just lovely!

  4. I would die to have a fresh cut Christmas tree! My younger brother is allergic so every year it's a fake.

  5. Donna....that's awesome!! A real tree :) I wish I could see the video.

    MissKri....I'm so sorry! I hope that you get it back without any damage. What a horrible thing for someone to do!

  6. I couldn't get the videos to play. I think your tree is very pretty!

  7. I couldn't see them earlier and I hated to complain again. Love that tree and all those ornaments. Helen

  8. Debbie9:54 PM

    Your tree is beautiful and I love the lights you have on it. I've never been to a tree farm, it's interesting how they shake the needles off.

  9. We live on an old Christmas tree farm and are surrounded by working tree smells like Xmas year round....almost heaven....!

    Beautiful tree!!! Love it!!


  10. Lindie12:44 PM

    What a nicely shaped tree! I haven't had a live tree in years and I miss it. I haven't put up my tree yet but do have up all the rest of the decorations.

  11. ms martyr1:14 PM

    I've never seen a tree shaker and until I saw your video I thought you meant they weren't charging you to pound the tree trunk on the ground (the old fashioned needle removal way)
    Guess that's what I get for having had artificial trees for the past 25+ years. We converted when our cut tree dumped all its needles before we could even get it decorated.


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