Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sadie has cabin fever

When Sadie first adopted us, she was a fairly quiet dog. Unfortunately, Cliff and I found out we could get her to bark at key phrases, and it was rather entertaining during the long, dark hours of wintertime; these days, almost anything sets her off if we use the right tone. It's especially bad on days like today when the weather keeps us housebound. And since there isn't a lot else to do except watch DVDs of the old Dick Cavett show, I incite her to bark frequently.


  1. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Boy...she really didn't like "Buddy"...Merry Christmas!
    Marcia in WY

  2. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Donna: You are funny! Have a Blessed Christmas. Karen

  3. Sadie needs to go to doggie church. Read my entry today.

  4. She tries her best to understand what you are saying. She looks cute trying to peek around the tree to see outside. Bet she will be glad when that tree is gone. Helen


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