Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bonnie likes salt, and Sadie likes sticks

Cows and horses have a need for salt, so it's necessary to keep a salt-block available for them at all times. This is a very short video of Bonnie enjoying her salt.

I milked her this morning, and was surprised to find out she had over a gallon in the two quarters I milk; she had only been giving me a half-gallon or so recently, when I've milked her. Part of the reason for the increase would be the fact that she's grazing that new grass I mentioned in the previous entry. Also, I think I managed to get her calf away from her yesterday evening at a time when he hadn't nursed her for a few hours.

This is a too-big stick Sadie found when we were walking yesterday. She likes to taunt us with a stick until one of us finally gets it away from her and throws it.

Sadie has always had a tendency to chase horses and cows. In the case of the cows it doesn't matter, because she doesn't bother them in the least. But when she ran right up on the heels of the horses, they'd kick at her; a horse could easily kill a dog with one well-placed kick. I've threatened for three years to buy a shock collar for Sadie, to teach her to stay away from the horses; the cost of such a collar, though, has been more than I wanted to spend.

The other day she ran circling behind Sassy and finally appeared to get kicked. I wasn't sure the blow connected until I was outside yesterday and the horses came thundering toward me: Sadie started her usual running and barking... but she stayed a good thirty feet away from them the whole time.
She's learned a valuable lesson. I notice she doesn't get near the cows now, either.


  1. I think Sadie found a big enough stick you could not miss it..lol..
    that is interesting about the salt lick.

  2. When we were little my sister Barbara and I would break a chunk of the salt like and lick it ourselves. Gross, right? I'm sure if Mom had known we'd have been in trouble. Loved the video and the pic of Sadie. I'm glad she learned her lesson without getting seriously hurt.

  3. Sadie is smart! She's not gonna get kicked twice! LOL!


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