Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another package in the mail

Today I received the eggbeater a reader graciously passed along to me. And it's oh, so much better than a new one from Walmart, because this is an eggbeater with a past. It has a story to tell; and you all know how I like stories. In fact, it's a widely traveled eggbeater that has been in regions I've never visited. At this point, I'm not sure I want to use it; I might just hang it on the wall and think about where it's been.
Vicki wrote a note that I'll share with you, because things like this make blogging such a rewarding pastime.

Click on the note to make it larger.
Vicki, you won Cliff's heart by mentioning his tractor.
By the way, to those of you who sent me Christmas cards in the mail, thank you so much! I didn't send cards this year, but your cards are appreciated; they remind me that you are more than just vague, vaporous spirits lurking on the Internet: You are real people.

Just to tease you, here's "The Pioneer Woman Cooks" that we're having a drawing for, halfway in its package and ready to go to the lucky winner.

And here's a preview of the autograph inside the book. Entries are accepted down below until 6 P.M. tomorrow evening (Christmas Eve).


  1. What a sweet surprise from Vicki! I know you love it!

  2. That's awesome for Vicki to go out of her way for you like that. :)

  3. I thing you should use it. It'll probably last longer than any you've had. They did make things to last back in the day

  4. I think you should use it and keep the history moving. Let us know what you decide to do and if you use it be sure to make a picture of the results. That was very sweet of her to send it to you especially since it belonged to her mother. Helen

  5. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Eggbeater is where it was meant to be. Use it. It makes me so happy to know it's home. Vicki

  6. Aren't there some really special people out there in blogsville?! That was so nice of Vickie to send you the egg beater! Enjoy!

  7. Hi Donna! Judy and Paula were here this afternoon and she asked after you.
    Have a Merry Chrismas! love and hugs Grams


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