Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hot tub troubles

The last time I turned my hot tub off, emptied it and put fresh water in it, I was looking forward to hot tub season. You know... wintertime. That's the time to own a hot tub.
Unfortunately, when I turned the power back on it would only do the "sleep" cycle. That keeps it from freezing, but is not warm enough to actually use.
I called the guy who installed it; he said it needs something new, and called the hot tub store where I bought the thing to have them order it. Of course the warranty has run its course.
The part will probably arrive in July.
When we bought our Artesian hot tub from The Waterhole in Independence, Missouri, the owner of the store told us he'd throw in an ozonator, since he had a whole shelf full of them. From the research I did online, it seemed as though an ozonator was a pretty useless item to have; but by george, it was free and I wanted it.
When the hot tub guy came to install our spa, he discovered that the ozonators the store had on the shelf didn't work on our model. So they ordered one from the manufacturer. It was over a month before the thing came in.
So I'm not holding my breath until our hot tub gets fixed.
It doesn't help that the hot tub guy seems to think thirty miles is a long trip for him. Let's face it, he can charge whatever he wants; why would he not just charge enough to pay for his long trip?
I'm holding back right now to see how this thing pans out; but believe it, if something doesn't happen soon, Artesian spas and The Waterhole are going to get some bad publicity. I may even have to resort to Twitter, which up to now I've avoided like the plague.


  1. He should get there as quickly as possible. It is close to Christmas. Looks like the more he makes the better he would like it unless he draws a straight salary. Helen

  2. How often are you calling to check on it? Squeaky wheel method usually works for me. I'd be calling a minimum of once per week.

  3. Lindie8:50 AM

    I had ozonators on both my hot tubs. Loved the fresh smell of them.

  4. What bad news you have there today. Your hot tub is needed and I think they'd better put a move on for you!
    I don't have one but it does sound wonderful to have especially in the winter when the cold makes my bones feel so weary.

  5. be a thorn in their sides, call every day or two. tell them it's needed for medical purposes (physical therapy) for your arthritis. cont to aggravate them. threaten them with channel 5 investigative reporters. ;)
    good luck.

  6. Sorry you're having this trouble. I've always wanted one but at this stage in life when I could have one don't think I'm up to keeping it up.

  7. Oh NO! That's usually my luck also. I hope you get it fixed very soon & get to enjoy it.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about the hot tub issues. We are looking forward to having one someday also. I can see it in my mind... I don't blame you for being upset about it. I hope that you can get some results with persistent pestering of them. Such a shame you have to pester them to get them to get it working.

  9. I can't believe the hut tub guy's complaing about 30 miles. If it's out of his area he should charge for it. That's what I do when I get work in out of area zip codes.
    Maybe he has too much work?
    Unbelievable!!! :(

  10. This would break my heart. I LOVE my hot tub and the last few days when the temps dropped into the single digits, I have missed it terribly. Since it's in an unprotected area, at those temps the steam freezes in your hair and it's just toooo cold. Anything above 20 tho!

    Hope you get yours up and running.


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