Monday, December 14, 2009

I have fans!

This will mean nothing to those of you who are wise enough to stay off Facebook, but it is for you wise ones that I'll try to lay some groundwork as an explanation of what I'm talking about here; Facebook friends will already understand.
Facebook is, after all, 90% silliness. Since I enjoy silliness, it works pretty well for me.
Often I'll notice that some of my Facebook "friends" have joined some cause or other, and I'll see a notification like this: "John Doe (mythical Facebook friend) has become a fan of Denny's (or Walmart, or Krogers, or KFC, etc)," and this makes sense to me. But then, among my younger "friends", there will be a notification like this: "John Doe has become a fan of 'I hate it when i get a text, but its not from the person i wanted'."
This sort of activity leads me to believe it must not be difficult to make up something for people become a fan of, and I asked the question, on Facebook, "How does one start one of these "become a fan" things?"
Because I can think of many causes, both whimsical and serious, that I'd love to become a fan of.
My friend Celeste answered, "Just start a group; then people can become a fan."
While I was poking around trying to figure out how to start a group, Celeste, all in good fun I'm sure, started a group "Become a fan of Donna and her blog, 'Just Me'". Last time I checked, I had twenty-five fans.
How silly.
But I still don't know how to start a group!
At least I have fans, though.
*added later: I've figured out how to start a group now. Maybe I could call my group "I finally found out how to start a group but now I'm out of the mood"?


  1. How funny! You don't know how to start your group but you have fans. Helen

  2. Nice and interesting blog! I'll be back. :) Obviously I have trouble with leaving comments. Sorry about the two previous "anonymous said."

  3. I'll join that group too!

  4. isn't it nice to be retired and have plenty of time to do silly things?


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