Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bad news

My snowman's eyes, mouth, and one of his potatoes buttons lie scattered on the ground. I decided perhaps I should bring the stocking hat inside; he'd never miss it at this point. Unfortunately, it's frozen tight to his head. It's a good thing that's our spare hat.
Notice the underlined text? I don't want it underlined, but this is what happens when I delete a picture while making an entry, then put words where the picture was. I'm sure none of you have troubles like this.
My main problem is hard-down laziness, because what I should do is start over from scratch; that's way too much trouble, and turns something fun into a job.

For my next project, I've been eyeing this mountain of snow Cliff has piled up next to the old garage. If I can persuade him to coat the outside with water for me, I'm thinking of turning it into a snow cave. The temperatures are supposed to stay really low through the weekend, so it should last awhile if I get it done. I figure as long as I'm doing things like this, I won't be worrying about mundane things like housework.


  1. Nothing like playing in the snow. That pile would make a good cave sorta like an igloo. Helen

  2. Sounds like fun to me :)

  3. My boys made snow caves/tunnels. They are still there too, a little droopy from the warmth yesterday, but they are holding there own now!


  4. Snow cave is an excellent idea.... run an extension cord out and do lights and stuff... post pictures...

  5. You're my kinda gal. Fun before housework. Then you can make some snow icecream and sit in your hot tub and eat it. Oh heck it isn't working, is it?

  6. If you work on it tomorrow or the next day, Natalie would love to help. She's been digging in the snow here, but we don't have a big pile like that!


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