Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to call a dog

Sadie is one of the most hyperactive dogs I've ever seen, and one of the most disobedient. Lately, though, she's improved, and it's all because of something I happened to recall Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer, saying.
I haven't watched Cesar for some time, since I dropped the package on Dish that includes The National Geographic Channel. But I remember a few things.
So one day as I was outside calling my dog in vain while she followed her nose after some wonderful scent on the ground, I recalled Cesar saying that when we speak to our dogs in high-pitched baby talk, not only do they not listen, but they become excited. I realized I'd been called Sadie with that high-pitched voice ever since I've owned her.
I thought hard, and seemed to recollect that in order to have a calm/submissive dog, I was supposed to stand tall, throw my shoulders back, and lower my voice.
I won't say it's worked perfectly, but Sadie comes to me almost every time I call her with my low voice. I should have been outside to make these videos, but it's only ten degrees; so I did it here in the house.
Here's the high-pitched voice... exaggerated somewhat, I'll admit.

You'll hear me trying to quiet her down, because Cliff was still in bed.

Next I'll illustrate my lowered voice. My oldest granddaughter, Amber, laughed the first time she heard me call Sadie this way, and said it's my "devil voice". In fact, Cliff still laughs at me when I call Sadie this way.

But it works!
I hope I didn't bend Cesar's rules too much; I'd hate to have him mad at me, since I consider him one of the hottest guys on television. I think it's the accent that gets me.
So, tell me the truth: Are you sitting there laughing at my "devil voice"?

Sorry about the video not working earlier; I had the settings on "private". I've fixed it now.


  1. I could see the first one, but the second one says it's a private video so I couldn't see it. :(

    We found that out years ago with our old dog... he was stubborn and ignored us until we lowered our voice.

  2. You are keeping me laughing lately for sure.

  3. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Donna: I have noticed this is true with my dog too! When we are out walking if I call for him with a high voice he takes off! But if I lower my voice in a harsh way (never thought of it as a devil voice!) he always comes and acts scared.:-) Maybe it is a bit devilish. But it keeps him right with me. Karen

  4. I could see the difference. Sometimes Patches ignores me when she is outside but if I say Patches You wannna treat?, then she flies to the door LOL. Dogs are so funny. Helen

  5. Lindie3:48 PM

    That's impressive!

  6. I'm impressed! Do you think it would work on Doc? Anne

  7. I'm laughing my butt off!! That was so much fun!!


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