Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Swagbucks shirt

click on the picture if you want to read what it says.
I fully intended to save up my
Swagbucks for something really valuable, something like an Amazon gift card, you know? But they were burning a hole in my pocket, so all I got was this lousy T-shirt. (You've seen those, right? My grandma went to Branson and all I got was this.... never mind.)
Actually, I like T-shirts. And I like free things.
Cliff, however, doesn't trust this Swagbucks thing.
"How'd you get it?"
"I shopped in the Swagstore and picked out the T-shirt and I gave them 55 Swagbucks and they sent it to me."
"It didn't cost anything? There's gotta be a catch."
"Well, probably the advertising obtained by sites like Amazon; I don't know."
"There's a catch somewhere. You don't get something for nothing."


  1. LOL on Cliff's statement. I like T shirts in the summer. Helen

  2. Just popping in this evening to let you know I mentioned you in my blog for an award...I know you say tag free but I was trying to think of people who's journals I've read the longest since I've been doing it and of course yours was one of the first I read.

  3. Me too on tee-shirts and free stuff. Yesterday I wore one that read Dear Santa: I want it all. Tacky, huh?

  4. I like T shirts too. Live in them in the summertime. Don't know what Swagbucks is though. Guess I lead a sheltered life! ha! Thanks for coming by and commenting. The comments are getting few and far between. Guess everyone is Christmas shopping.

  5. Swagbucks? I need to jump aboard this free train!


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