Thursday, December 24, 2009

And the winner is....

Midlife Mom! Contact me with your address, dear; looks like a Christmas gift for your DIL. I wish I had a copy of PW's book for every single one of you.

If you want to purchase one, I notice they're much cheaper on than in the book stores. If you want it autographed, Ree has said that if you send your book to her, she will autograph it and send it back. She's already done that for a lot of people. I copied the following direct from her website:

"If you would like me to sign my scrawly, curly, loopy, deeply disturbed signature on a cookbook for you (or someone in your life), I’d be happy to oblige. Just send your cookbook to:

Pioneer Woman, 
P.O. Box 749
, Pawhuska, OK 74056

Please stick a Post-it (or scrap of paper) in each cookbook with the specifics (recipient’s name, etc.) and I’ll sign away. I’m happy to write special messages."


  1. Congrats to MidLife Mom! I've been looking at these at my local bookstore, but because I -try- not to buy stuff for me during the Christmas shopping season, it is on my get in the New Year list! And, yep, I saw where Ree will sign them and I definitely plan on sending my copy to be autographed.... actually, I am considering doing a couple of them and getting them personalized for a couple of people in my family for Christmas -next- year LOL! I've paged through one at the bookstore and they are really beautiful!

  2. YIPPEE! I was so hoping I would win the book!!! That's a real keepsake with the autograph in it! Wish we all could meet PW. Thanks Donna for having such a nice give away and for such a nice way to start my Christmas day!

    My e-mail is I'll look and see if your e-mail is somewhere on your site if not just e-mail me and I will send you my addy. Again THANKS!

  3. Lindie9:51 AM

    Rather than sending her my cookbook, I am thinking of sending her a large label. then I can stick it in my cookbook.


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