Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday goodies

In the old days, Cliff and I ate ourselves silly from Thanksgiving till New Year's. I rolled out all those family recipes I love so well and we had a regular eating orgy. I can't do that any more because we fatten up so easily; and I miss it, both the cooking and the seasonal eating.
I've decided this weekend will be the time I get this out of my system and do some no-holds-barred cooking and eating. There will be the good old Kraft cheese ball, chips and hot hamburger dip, cranberry bread, and possibly some fruity Jello cookies. I would make my favorite fruitcake, but the recipe makes a lot, and I'd end up eating almost the whole fattening thing by myself. Maybe I'll make a batch of brown sugar fudge to eat by myself, in place of the fruitcake. That'll be a lot cheaper.
I'd better get started making my grocery list.
Anybody got suggestions?
Cliff's sister and her husband will be around part of the weekend; maybe some of my daughter's family will show up to help eat the stuff I'm making. (hint, hint)


  1. We're there! We'll get there Friday night and head home Sunday. Oh, you didn't mean move in? OK, we'll leave when the hamburger dip and jello cookies are gone. Oh, and the cheese ball. And...never mind.

  2. Jello cookies are something I've not heard of before so you'll have to share that recipe. I'll be doing some powerful eating this weekend too as it our Family Christmas celebration. They are all good cooks and everyone brings something! I'm sure there will be a few leftovers for me to bring home too. Enjoy your feasting!

  3. Lindie8:48 AM

    My only suggestion is to share your cooking which you do with your daughter. I love to cook and hate waste but can't eat a lot myself (bariatric surgery)I take my baking to not only my daughter's family, but to a friend who is fighting cancer and loves sweet things. I might eat a cookie or two or a piece of cake but the rest gets out of my house!


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