Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Well, lookie here

Sir Loin found his way into the lush grass; it only took him three days. I wondered whether he'd find his way out, but he did fine with that.

The turkey I cooked Sunday is pretty well accounted for: the turkey soup is almost ready to eat (if any of my daughter's family would like to try it this evening, it's a big batch). The remaining turkey that didn't go into the freezer yesterday has been ground and turned into turkey salad; I even put the last of the deviled eggs in the salad.

Can you tell I hate to waste food? You should have seen me yesterday, picking through those bones to get every tiny morsel for the soup; I ended up with almost four cups. That's good meat that most people throw out with the bones, people! No wonder folks can't make ends meet.

My mother would be proud of me.


  1. Hey, I'm proud of you too!

  2. I think you did super good with your turkey this year. My kids took home my leftovers. I'm grateful for that as I'd be eating it forever. Sr Loin is beginning to look more like the male that he is ...not so much a little calf now. It seems his head span is larger and he is beefing up too. I wonder if he'll enjoy mom's milk as much after a taste of all that green grass.

  3. I did the same with my stew I made. Finally after 4 meals between freezings I think it has seen its last days. Your blog is so homey and down to earth.

  4. Lindie7:02 PM

    I made PWs turkey pot pie yesterday. A little rich. I don't think I will use cream next time. I added a hand full of frozen corn and some fresh sage I had on hand, otherwise I followed her recipe. It was very good but a little rich for me.

  5. Smart calf. Cute picture of him.
    You did great with that turkey. Helen

  6. Sir Loin is so cute! Love his name. Sounds like some good food you're making over there!


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