Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm a little behind the times

Yesterday I posted here about shrinking grocery items. I should have looked more closely at the things I buy, because they've shrunk things even more than I realized.
Today I looked at a small can of Folgers coffee to find it holds only eleven ounces now. When did that happen?
I buy Eight O'clock Coffee; a bag of 100% Columbian, my flavor of choice, contains twelve ounces. I heartily recommend Eight O'clock, by the way; it came out ahead of Starbucks in Consumer Reports tests. And it's much cheaper. You can buy whole beans or already ground. Still, they're not delivering a pound of coffee, nowhere near it. Nobody is, as far as I know.
When I got my present monitor and then bought my Mac Mini, even though the monitor was larger than the old one, I started having trouble reading things online; all the print seemed so small it was unbelievable. Of course there's the CTRL + trick that makes the page you're on larger, but I was getting pretty tired of having to do that all the time.
This morning I Googled up something online that mentioned resolution and made me think that I shouldn't mess with my settings. I emailed my daughter and she suggested I go right ahead and change the resolution, because if it didn't work I could always change it back.
Why didn't I think of that?
Anyway, everything looks great now. I love it when a problem has such a simple solution; I'm only wondering why it took me two months to do something about it.
I've started making my cheese ball. Here's another example of stores cutting back on what they stock. My cheese ball requires three of those small jars of Kraft cheese spread: One pimento, one Roka Bleu, and one Old English. I went to two different stores, but there was no Roka Bleu; so I'm using a second Old English.
I made Fruity Jello cookies last night (with fresh-churned butter); I've bought about six bags of chips of various kinds (I never buy chips) and dip to go with them. Look out world, I'm gonna pig out!
This morning we got Cliff's sister on the airplane for her first flight ever; she called from Milwaukee, where she switched planes, and seemed to be doing fine with it. I predict she's going to want to fly again.


  1. Lindie3:46 PM

    Could you give us the recipe for the cookies? I'm intrigued

  2. Yes Mosie... do post the recipe for the cookies!! They sound so good! I love chips and dip too and every now and then I get in the mood for them... especially the french onion dip. Yes, thinks seem to be shrinking at the grocery stores and in my own cupboard a bit. I'm just thanking God we have food in the house and a roof overhead.
    God Bless,
    Lisa in Kentucky

  3. I am getting very hungry just reading about all the goodies you'll have around your house this weekend. Anything made with fresh butter has just got to be heavenly.

  4. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Kraft stopped production of the Roka Bleu cheese this year! I will now have to find a substitute for my garlic dip..this will not be easy, that stuff was perfect!


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