Saturday, December 26, 2009

The best dog I ever had

It wouldn't be Sadie. She qualifies for the "most hyper", or perhaps even "funniest". Also one of the smartest dogs I've had. She's nowhere near the "best".
We had a wonderful German Shepherd, Chip, that would perhaps come in second-best; and the first rat terrier we owned was such a good dog, we went through half a dozen others trying to replace him. We finally figured out that couldn't be done.

Our mongrel Suzy, though, had it all: Looks, personality, loyalty. She loved life and she loved people. Cliff's youngest sister sent her our way because her then-husband hated the dog; Charlene said, "If she stays here, she's going to die."

You'd think, since she'd been kicked, beaten and abused by Charlene's husband, that she'd have had a mistrust of humans, but she never showed the slightest trace of that. Perhaps her joy at being freed from the confines of a pen in the city overcame all the baggage from her past.

Suzy even knew where our property lines were, and wouldn't cross them unless she was in pursuit of a rabbit or squirrel. Unfortunately, it was such a pursuit that got her killed.
If there's a doggie heaven, Suzy is there.
Take some time to think about the best dog you ever had; what made him or her the best? Got pictures? I'd love to see them.


  1. Lindie9:44 AM

    Our best dog was Scarlet, our Irish setter. she smiled at everyone and never needed a leash. She set her own boundaries and never went past tem unless she was walking with us. She grieved my husband's passing and went to join him 6 months later.

  2. Hope you're having a great Christmas this year


  3. That is a shame that Susy was so mistreated and never gave you a minute of trouble. She was a beautiful dog. I can't understand how humans can mistreat animals.
    I can't make up my mind which dog we had was my favorite. Helen

  4. Our best dog was Dolly. We coul forget to close the gate and she would never go out of the yard. On the other hand Rip was a tear. Always out of the yard.

  5. The dog I compare very other dog to was my first - a cockapoo named BooBoo. If there was such a thing as perfect, it'd be him. Although, our old brindle comes in a very close second.....

  6. The first dog we had after we married was a border collie named tippy and he would be my all time very favorite. He lived 16 years and in all that time was a wonderful companion. Each dog after that was special and very loved in their own unique way but he was #1. I remember my newly wed husband saying he would never have anything to do with him, but his heart melted over that dog and they were the best of pals too.

  7. almost all my dogs have been unequaled to ea other, all having special traits. but, the one i refer to as my soul mate was named a puddin, a miniature poodle, she came to me when she was weaned & stayed till she passed of old age at 18 yrs. never another could come close to her in any way! my one true love. no matter how much you love dogs, or how many you have... there's always "that one", & that was puddin. bless you dear puddin, still waiting for me at the rainbow bridge, where we'll cross together some day.

  8. I've only had one dog since we have been married, almost 39 years. The Hubs isn't a dog lover having grown up with nary a pet. When I was a kid we always had a dog or two and the most special one was Ginger a mixed breed of uncertain origins. She was the best dog ever and each morning she made the rounds to each neighbor who gave her a cookie or donut. She got really fat. As she got old she started going out in the road and sleeping on the hot top where the sun was hitting it. The neighbors would stop and bring her into the yard and put her on the porch so she never got hit. Dad was sure that she would get hit one day because she was pretty deaf by then a getting blind so he put her down. I heard the shot even though I had been sent to the neighbors house. Now as an adult I know he did the only thing possible but as a ten year old kid I was mad at him for weeks. We finally got another dog but none compared to Ginger.

  9. Actually, we had two best dogs and they lived with us at the same time. A beautiful brindle greyhound that lived to be 16 years old and a boston terrier that was dumped at out house in the country so we never knew her age. Munchie & catfish...the best dogs you would ever want....

  10. HAHA Sorry I meant "our house" and not "out house". I was being so serious and turned out being not so serious.

  11. Suzy looks like she has some Australia Shephard in her. Was she full blooded? If she is, I didn't know rat terriers had long hair. Wow!


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