Friday, December 11, 2009

It was a sad time indeed

Yesterday, just as I was attempting to pay our T-Mobile bill online, our DSL went out. I waited for an hour or so before calling about it; the tech talked me through the usual attempts at resuscitating my modem, and then decided there was a bigger problem. Later on my daughter called to tell me she was also without Internet.
I really didn't miss it so much yesterday evening. I had several things to watch on DVR. But when I wake up at 4 or 5 AM in the morning, that's when I am on the computer a lot. I was totally lost.
I fiddled around with pictures in Iphoto, editing them and arranging them. That made me feel more normal, since I was at least on the computer.
Did you know there's no Solitaire on a Mac? What's up with that? I do have a free game called "Hoards of Orcs" that I played for a while, but I was losing so much I gave it up as a lost cause.
Of course I always worry when I can't get online, because I have cakes baking in Yoville that might burn, and crops planted in Farmville that will ruin if not harvested in time. Oh, it was a rough period in my life, let me tell you. Not to mention the fact that I couldn't follow all my Facebook friends through their day.
My friend Judy went to St. Louis Monday for her heart surgery, and today was the day. The last report I heard, all was going well. It's a risky operation, so keep her in your prayers.
Also, the local boy I babysat many years ago, Kody, had a wreck yesterday morning; his left foot and pelvis are broken, and he has burns on his back that will need skin grafts (somehow he landed in contact with the muffler, as I understand it). I'm sure he and his family would appreciate prayers and good thoughts on their behalf.
I received this update on my friend Judy from Jessica at 5:P.M.: "I just got off the phone with Chris and he said Judy's surgery is over and things went well. She is in ICU recovery and in pain, but okay. The doctors did not need to do anything other then the bypass, which is really good news.

They said everything else is okay and not bad enough to mess with, and like I said earlier, not worth the risk to repair. She had some fluid around her heart and the doctor said she did have a heart attack, but the heart looked really good and there was not any heart muscle damage. It looks like everything went as good as it possibly could given the circumstances."


  1. There's free Solitaire online for the MAC. I use
    "Solitaire XL from Lavacat Software. Glad your friend is OK.

  2. Your friend and the boy in the accident will both be in my prayers. Glad you got the internet back. I know I feel so lost without it too.

  3. Wow, I hope that everyone is doing okay and mending.

    Hopefully you got all your crops in, in time. :)

  4. Sending up prayers for your friends Judy and Cody.
    I hope you internet will stay up.

  5. I do pray Judy will be okay.

  6. Prayers for both friends and a tiny one that your internet stays up.

  7. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Dee from Tennessee

    Thankful your friend's surgery went well...will remember the young man in the auto accident in prayer.


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