Friday, December 04, 2009

fond memories

Cliff and I have been watching an amazing high school football game on the Internet. You'd be hard-pressed to find a professional game that's any better. The team that beat our our local Tigers went on to state finals and won that one too, but it wasn't an easy win. Number 77 on the Hamilton/Penny team is the son of a longtime friend of ours. I guarantee that if you love football, you will enjoy this game.

Suddenly, memories of my children's high school years have come back to me.

My son played football for only one year in high school. He never considered himself a "jock", but some of my fondest memories are of that year. Cliff worked nights, so he didn't get to go to the sports banquet with me and Jim. He was there for parent's night, though, when we got to walk out on the field with our son. Good times.

My daughter was in several school plays, and I treasure memories of those occasions, too. My favorite play was "Up The Down Staircase". I'd give a hundred dollars to have a video of that play. Okay, maybe $500. What the heck, Cliff foots the bills around here.

Christmas always does this to me, makes me drift down memory lane. I'm glad it does.

Thank you, my children, for all those happy times. Perhaps I've dwelled too much on the not-so-easy years with both of you, but the pleasant memories more than make up for it. Forgive me for not telling you sooner. You were both more than I deserved, and you still are.

Never forget it.


  1. Awww! That's so sweet :)

    I'm sure they have fond memories of being at home as well.

  2. I just got a DVD of my kid's concert, you know how hard it was for me to part with 20 bucks, but I knew when I am old and living on the farm,I'd be offering $500 for it so it was a good investment :-)

  3. I agree with you on that one. I have lots of wonderful memories of my children and they are more than I ever deserved too. Thankfully we will have a few more coming our way too. Now we're adding the grand children to the list of wonderful memories too.

  4. We bought most of the tapes of my sons football games when he was in high school. At the time it seemed like an awful lot but I wouldn't trade them for anything now. Also when he sang in a mens quartet at church we taped their songs and every so often I get them out and shed a few tears for years gone by. It's nice to have them though, even if it does embarress him when I dig them out!


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