Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How I discovered The Pioneer Woman

It's always interesting to me how we stumble onto random sites on the Internet. In most cases I don't even recall what led me to a particular blog or website. In the case of Ree Drummond, though, I remember exactly how I found her.
I used to frequent a helpful message board called "Homesteading Today". I still visit there occasionally, especially when I need advice on gardening, or help with a livestock problem.
Somehow, while perusing that board, I found comments that intrigued me from a person who was obviously marching to the beat of her own drummer. On her profile at Homesteading Today, there was a link to her blog, "Doc's Sunrise Rants". Her main topic back then was homeschooling, which, of course, was of no use or interest to me. However, I'd check in once in a while to see how her life was going.
One day in late 2007 or early 2008, she mentioned that a friend of hers had been nominated for an award at "The Bloggies", a yearly competition where readers get to vote for their favorite blogs in various categories; she suggested that everybody go cast their ballots for "The Pioneer Woman" in the "best-kept secret" blog category.
I went to the blog for a look-see and have never turned back. I've promoted it shamelessly ever since.
Back then, there weren't nearly as many people reading "Pioneer Woman", and followers would compete to see who could be the first commenter on any new entry.
Last year, Ree won "Weblog of the Year". She's promoting her cookbook, and everybody knows who she is now.
But thanks to Doc, I knew her when.


  1. Lindie9:47 AM

    thanks to you I have read the Pioneer Woman for the past few years. I have cooked many of her recipes and they are all a success!

  2. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Dee from Tennessee ♥

    She was the second blogger I found that was a "keeper." But for the life of me , I can't think how I stumbled upon her....I do know I was looking for bloggers from Alaska and somehow that led to her ...who knows? (and the blogger from Alaska moved to Texas..heehee) BUT I do know that it was through her comments that I found your blog and you're defintely a "keeper..heehee!)

    Merry Christmas to you and Cliff.

  3. ms martyr1:30 PM

    I found Ree when she was referred to on another blog. That blogger was apologizing for not having the same quality of prizes to award as the Pioneer Woman. I was immediately hooked when I read her. BTW, I did not enter your giveaway for the cookbook since I already have a copy, plus am giving one to my sister for Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  4. I can't remember how I first stumbled onto her either. Good grief, I can't remember what I had for breakfast any more! I do like her style though and I think what you see is the real thing. I think there will be a tv series about her some day. Hummmmmmm....I wonder who will play Marlboro Man???????


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