Sunday, December 06, 2009

flu shots

I'm going to mention this one time in my blog, and that will be it; nobody wants to read somebody's complaints about minor aches and pains.
I've gotten the seasonal flu shot every year for at least twenty years, and I expect some soreness in the arm that receives the shot; that pain usually fades away in a day or two.
This year, though, the pain is still with me a month after receiving the vaccine. I especially notice it when I'm putting on my coat, or changing clothes. It's painful to lift my left arm above my head.
I went to Dr. Google and found THIS DISCUSSION that troubles me somewhat, because there are people who are still hurting more than a year after the shot! Some of them seem to think the shot was given to them too high up on the arm, and that caused the problem. I have not mentioned this to my doctor because I have a feeling that mentioning a pain in the left arm might lead to all sorts of tests to rule out heart conditions or some such thing, and trust me, this is not that serious.
It isn't anything I can't live with. I'm sure aspirin or ibuprofen would help, but I'm not one to take pills if I can help it. I hope from now on my family physician will have the vaccine at his office so I don't have to resort to getting my shot at Target.
Have any of my readers had this problem?


  1. I had a big lump and it was very sore for a couple of weeks as to what I thought was the swine flu shot given in the muscle. Now several inches below that place is what looks like an old bursted blood vein which is about 1 inch wide and 3 inches long across that arm which has been really sore while it has changed to several colors and is not sore anymore. I hope your soreness goes away soon. Helen

  2. Mine was more sore than usual this time...but after a couple weeks my soreness went away... I hope yours goes away soon...


  3. I too get it every year but no I didn't have any problems. They say to take some asprin right after wards and that is what I usually do. I think it was only about a week and I didn't notice any soreness at all.

    I will say I have never been so healthy as when I started getting this shot 5 years ago regularly. It has made a difference.

  4. Lindie12:39 PM

    Just the opposite. I got my flu shot at the Target in Belton, it was the only place in town that had it! Other than a slight pressure when I got the shot I never felt the shot! No marks, no pain, nothing. I joked to the gal, asking her if she was sure I got the shot! The least painful and the most trouble free shot ever! I watch Regis in the morning though and his doctor gave him his shot and he had bad effects way longer than usual.

  5. I hate to admit it but I haven't had my flu shot yet. I went in to get it and they were all out. OOPS!

  6. Pat/Texas1:26 PM

    Have been getting a flu shot for 12years. I usually get it in Nov. and get sick (dry cough & sore throat) immediately. I have always blamed it on the shot. This year, I got my shot in October. No sickness. In November, I got the dry cough and sore throat. I guess it was allergies causing it instead of the shot. This year, I did get it at CVS instead of the Dr.'s office. It was with a spring-loaded needle. I jumped and so did the nurse giving it to me. It scared me and I in turn scared her. I did not like it. Next year I will get it from my Dr. Have not had the H1N1 yet, will probably get it tomorrow during my Dr. visit. P~

  7. We got our's in October at Wal*Mart with no problems.


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