Thursday, December 24, 2009

An early-morning visitor (and unexpected expenses)

Around 4:30 this morning, Sadie came to the computer room and led me to the front door, acting as though she might want out. This is unusual, because she usually sleeps in until at least 8 o'clock.
When I opened the door, my sister-in-law's soaking wet, eight-pound mini-Dachshund burst in. How in the world Sadie knew she was here, I don't know.
Sister-in-law has to go to work today, and evidently she let Angel out to potty; Angel, hating rain like all get-out, came over here thinking I'd let her in. I didn't, though, because how would Rena find her runaway if I had her inside? I told Angel to go home. Five minutes later she was still begging at the door, but next time I looked, she was gone.
Cliff went in the basement of our old house (Rena's house) a couple of days ago and noticed the water heater was leaking. It cost us over $600 for a new heater (including installation) yesterday.
Merry Christmas to us.
Did you ever know it to fail? Something unexpected and costly so often seems to happen near the holidays and tax time. Thank God such occurrences aren't as devastating to us as they once were, but it still pinches the budget.


  1. I hope that little soaking wet bundle made it back home safely. I had to put some new shingles on my house for my Christmas gift. The high winds of a week ago blew off a few. It never fails. Thankfully, I always have enough, never any extra, but enough.

  2. Lindie6:42 AM

    Never fails. I am expecting an emergency in March since my last car payment is in Feb! Merry Christmas anyway!

  3. I feel your pain ours went out a couple weeks ago. Ugh, but thankful to have it fixed

  4. Yep and whats scary it usually comes in threes but hope it doesn't for you.

  5. I know what you mean. We are facing a huge vet bill right now.

    Merry Christmas Donna, have a wonderful day with your family!

  6. oh dear, did you check to make sure angel got back home & inside ok? poor baby. smart little sadie, deserved a treat!
    seems things tend to happen around the holidays, much too freq. but at least you were able to get it fixed. :)

  7. I've been managing to dodge the bullet on emergencies so far, but I won't hold my breath. I'm sure something really expensive will come up soon. :( I've been extra, extra, extra careful driving in the snow and ice, shoveling snow so that I won't screw up my back, etc. Sure don't want to have to pay for any self inflicted emergencies.

  8. Poor Angel. Dogs know more than humans give then credit for. Maybe Sadie heard her come up or whine to get in. Smart Sadie to come and get you. Helen

  9. That's the thing about home repairs. It can happen anytime. Mine is the dishwasher. Started leaking last night...UGH! Figures...just prior to having Xmas dinner dishes! Sheesh!
    Glad the pup is ok.


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