Friday, February 27, 2009

My problems with curtains

I am having a problem finding a couple of valances the right color.

Yesterday I bought curtains at Walmart for one window, figuring I might use it in the computer room.

When I draped the curtains across my new couch, though, it was a darned good match.

The trouble is, we don't want curtains over the living room windows. One thing we absolutely love about our trailer house is how light-and-bright it is, which is something you cannot say about the old house. So a valance at the top works great, along with the blinds.

However, there were no valances in this pattern and color at Walmart.

And the blue ones just will not do. I can put up with our two old blue Lazy-boys, but those valances are totally out of place. Sorry about how dark the picture looks: Since I was aiming at the window, the flash wouldn't activate.

This wall hanging doesn't work so well over the new couch, either. It's very special to me, because a wonderful blogger friend in Maine made it at my request. I think it'll look just fine if I put some distance between it and the couch.

So I'll put that clock somewhere else and put the hanging above this blue chair.


And this picture, which has been on the kitchen wall, will go above the couch.

Now if only I can find the proper valances for those two windows.

Oh, thanks to all of you who voted for my picture at Five Minutes For Mom. I'm falling behind pretty fast now, but it was surely fun trying! Honestly, I expected someone to overtake me on this last day; I've had enough Ebay experience to know that's the smart way to play. Consider this my concession speech. I'll give credit where credit is due tomorrow.

6 comments: said...

Your rooms look so pretty!! I think the Quilt is beautiful!!
I am sitting here freezing as I write this! I turned down the heat yesterday and I haven't turned it up yet!! But I will soon!! Thank goodness I have a good furnance! My heating bills haven't been as high as some of my friends or Karen's. I have the news on and they said it is suppose to snow tonight. We sure are needing rain!! Hugs Grams

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Have you thought about a lace valance. They go with anything and dress up a room. Lace also make nice curtains that lets alot of light in. I had them at my windows for years. Now I have layered window coverings that don't let light in but then they help keep the cold out too. I miss the light. 'On Ya'-ma

Paula said...

I'm with you, I like light. I have valances on all my windows. Looking for a magnatic curtain rod for my back door and wouldn't you know Wal*Mart is out when I need it.

Anne said...

Mo, I love that picture. You'll find the right valance sooner or later. Anne

Rose said...

It just might be time to get out the old sewing machine and make your valances.
I had a very difficult time finding anything for my kitchen and had to rework some. I had to buy two sets and put them together. Took a little bit of time but with much patience I am happy I took the time to make them. You might have to do the same.
Just sayin'

loopymamain06 said...

being the frugal/cheapskate that I am, I have been known to buy any and all remmnants from garage sales that I can find .....then I get out the old sewing machine. I once got two whole storage bins of satins and heavy curtain cloth for 5.00 .....LOL I'm still making stuff out of it, I made a satin pink table cloth for when my mother was here, her birthday was on valentines day, sprinkled tiny hearts on it . LOOPY