Thursday, February 19, 2009

Moles and polls

I just ordered a couple of Victor mole traps. For the past year or so, moles have been the worst I've ever seen. We don't have a prize lawn, but I'd like to at least keep my crab-grass yard level and even. I'm getting tired of tripping over mole hills and mole runs on the way to the mailbox.

Have any of you had experience with mole traps? If so, did they do the job?

Oh yeah, I added a poll over there on the right, but instead of the poll questions I get the message "Polls are currently not available, please come back later."

So I tried to remove it. No dice. It's stuck there for now, just like it is.

You folks be sure to come back and participate, if and when I ever get my poll fixed.

It actually showed up for a little bit, then *poof*, it was gone again.

OK, I went to Google and found a poll on my own, since Blogger polls haven't been working for the last several hours.

Now, vote.


The Guy Who Writes This said...

It means that you may have crane fly larva in your soil

Celeste said...

I got rid of our moles with whirley birds.

Paula said...

We have a lot of gophers here so I bought one of those things that has a battery in it and makes a noise. It does chase them away.

Julia said...

Years ago David did wildlife removal, including moles and he experimented with everything. We lived in the Hamptons at the time and his clients were rich. He found these things that looked like sticks of dynamite - the idea was to stick the end in the mole hole, light it and smoke them out. He used them ONCE while the owner was home - he lit the ends- and he said all of the sudden yellow smoke started pouring out EVERYWHERE, he almost set the lawn on fire and was frantically running around this estate tryiing to put some of them out and praying the owner would not look out the window. I still laugh everytime I think about it - I have no idea what the moles thought.